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Pickup models chart.

The table on the right shows the POLARack™ product number for the different pickup models. You should find your pickup model here to choose the POLARack™ that will fit your pickup bed.










Ram 2500




Classic Sierra



Load capacity.



The structure of POLARack™ is very tough ,however, to avoid injury or damage, make sure not to exceed the load capacity rating on the different positions of operation ( refer to the load capacity rating illustration or decals near the knob on either of the two crossbars). Remember that due to inertial forces, the force (weight) applied by a load increases when the Pickup accelerates or stops abruptly.

A vertical position of the crossbar (s) will resist more weight vs. ahorizontal or angled position. The weight of a load on the crossbar(s) will increase force to the disk assembly as the crossbar(s) is(are) tilted.

Load capacity rating illustration:


About accesories.


POLARack™ comes with a basic set that will help you carry many kinds of items. Besides, you can increase its carrying capabilities with different accessories available from POLARack™ and other vendors. You may find more information about accessories here.


About replacements.


 If any part of your POLARack™ is damaged, you may order a replacement. Many screws and nuts are available at common stores like Home Depot or Home Mart.


Tips for securing objects with POLARack™.


 1) POLARack™ is a very versatile rack. It can be secured in many different positions with two kinds of adjustments.

Adjusting the angular and longitudinal positions may help to reach the best restraint point of the cargo for a secure hold. Using both crossbars may help to sustain your cargo in an upright position for easier transportation and faster restraint (see uses).

2) It is easier and faster to use the polar mode to adjust the angular position. Try to find the correct position using this mode. You can adjust the crossbar in increments of 5.14, thus you will be able to use about 40 different angular variations for each crossbar, depending in the longitudinal position along the rails, and the size and shape of your pickup bed.

3) Each crossbar comes with two strap eyelets or anchors at the top. You may use these eyelets to secure the cargo using straps, ropes and other useful accessories.


Send a question.


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If you have other questions or comments not related to the support area, please go to company contact area.

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