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Besides being nice, POLARack™ is useful

POLARack & ladder


††††† POLARackís™ patented adjustable arms are so versatile that now you can carry all types of cargo. With one simple adjustment itís easy to carry all of the following:

††††† Long itemssuch as ladders, pipes, surfboards, sailboards, canoes, lumber, etc.

††††† Tall items like refrigerators, upright freezers, large barrels, and furniture.

††††† Flat items such as tables, windows or plywood.†††

POLARack & Kayak
POLARack & tall item
POLARack & flat item

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POLARack & Bike Up


    1) Keeps your bicycles neatly stowed.

    2) Side rail mounting allows for side cargo (no drilling required).

    3) Accepts accessories from other rack manufacturers.

    4) Use POLARack™ to partition and divide. Now you can organize your truck bed by adjusting one or both racks either horizontally or longitudinally.

    5) It can be used to support a soft cover or tarp to keep things cool and dry or as a roof for sleeping.

POLARack & tool box
POLARack & cargo box front
POLARack & partition2
POLARack & partition1
POLARack & tarp

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POLARack & cargo box back


    1) POLARack™ cargo boxes provides more room for dry storage freeing up valuable cab space.

    2) POLARack™ cages assure that your livestock arrives when you do.

    3) Unique patented design allows mounting of additional pickup accessories like bed covers , bed liners and mounting devices without interference.

    4) A suspended carrying net can be used to carry fragile items which require a smoother ride. Or, use it to relax in its hammock configuration.

    5) Road travel cover can improve aerodynamics and increase gas mileage.

POLARack & cage
POLARack & bed cover
POLARack & net
POLARack & aereodynamics

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POLARack & extend


POLARack & bike down


POLARack & hunt lamp


POLARack & horiz. partition


POLARack & sporty look


POLARack simple

As simple as that.

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