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Eleven reasons why you should use POLARack™

1. Unlike other racks, the POLARack™ design harmonizes with your contemporary pickup truck body lines.

2. t is always ready when its needed, but wont make your truck look like a cargo truck.

Crossbar profile fits PickUp cab profile Ford 2004 with POLARack vs Utility Ford

3. Protects your pickup cab, roof top, bed walls and tailgate against dents and scratches

4. Helps you to get the most use of your truck's cargo area while giving it a distinctive and sporty look.

Non scratched Ford vs scratched Dodge carrying a ship

5. If you don't want to show it, just tilt it down. There is no need to store it, and you can use it as a bed divider.

6. Is compatible with most bedliners and covers. .

Ford with hidden POLARack Dodge showing bedliner compatibility

7. It may be used as an attachment point for many vehicle rack accessories available on the market such as luggage boxes, cargo baskets, bicycle racks and other sport equipment carriers.

8. The POLARack™ feature of being adjusted and securely locked at different angles provides a strong attachment point for many different types of cargo.

Extensor bar with clamp Dodge with many types of cargo loaded

9. With other POLARack™ accessories , it may be used as a bed divider or extensor.

10. It may be used as a structure to secure bed rails, bed side cargo boxes, cages, cabs or tents.

Dodge side & rear views showing extensor and diveder capabilities Different accessories pointing a PickUp with POLARack installed

11. Simplifies and reduces the time required to secure cargo to the vehicle.

Dodge front view with big watch on  

























































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