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Accessories title   Extensor Bar and fixing to anchor detail  
Extensor Bar subtitle

The Extension Bar is an optional accessory designed especially for POLARack™ crossbars. It is attached to the anchors on the crossbar using a 3/8” screw, and it can be adjusted in several angular positions.


This accessory is an attachment point for many different kinds of cargo. It is also compatible with attachment accessories from other brands.

  Extensor front view with hunt lamps   Extensor front view with cargo box  
Extensor back view with hunt lamps Extensor back view with cargo box

It provides the following benefits:

  Ford front and extensor with bikes  

1) Other manufacturer's accessories can be attached.

Dodge front and extensor with hunt lamps

2) Wider cargo can be secured to the POLARack™.

  Dodge back view with pipes and ladder on extensor  
  Crossbar with extensor on lumber  

3) It will serve as a clamp for holding flat surfaces when using the POLARack™ in polar mode.




























































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